// KUDLEK@Paréidolie 2017

 – from Aug 26 to Aug 27, 2017

Installation view | booth at Paréidolie Marseille, 2017

We are going to present a dialogue between the two figurative artists Karine Rougier and Christos Venetis enhancing each other’s distinctive qualities and allowing for varied perceptions. Both artists work is very detailed, often employing small formats. Whereas Venetis can be regarded as a hyper-realist, Rougier’s work is more “surreal” and emotional. Where Venetis embraces the “photographic image” and works exclusively with pencil, Rougier plays with the subconscious and depth of the material applied – using all media available for her works on paper.

PARÉIDOLIE – Salon International du dessin contemporain à Marseille
takes place from saturday, august 26 – sunday, august 27 at Château de Servières, boulevard Boisson 13004 Marseille
For further information on the art fair, please also go to www.pareidolie.net